Christmas Statues, Trees, Jars

Bear holding light up Christmas tree

Bear holding a Christmas tree. Shrink wrapped original. The tree lights up with one clear bulb from the inside, shining through the small see through color plastic bulbs. Glue the plastic bulbs into the holes, use a round plaster ring to hold the cli more info

Light up Christmas village candle holder

This light up village has 1 hole on each side for a candle. The writing on top is Joy to the world. Use a clip cord for lighting it up. Try some sparkling white glitter on top of the snow. 8”x10”. Just a stunning piece. more info

Light up nose reindeer

Place a clip cord with a bulb inside the deer to light up the red marble in the deer’s nose. Red marble included. 9”x9 ½”. more info

Lollypop holder candy dish sled

There are holes in this sled for the lollypops and it can be filled with candy. This is a California Creations original. more info

Personalized Snowman

Very detailed collactable. Sign and hands has hole for the string. Painting instruction included. 9" x 7". Comes in original shrink wrap. more info

Plate holder bear

What a cute way to serve cookies or candy with this jolly teddy bear. The glass plate is included with this item. Easy to paint. Shrink wrapped. 7 ½”x7”. more info

Plate holder snowman

A beautiful table centerpiece snowman. The glass plate is included. It can be filled with cookies or candy. 8”x6 ½”. more info

Precious Moments Girl Decorating Tree

This is a Precious Moments original from 2012. The copy right is engraved in the back of the base. I will send the box with the color picture. The box is a little scratched at places. This is a solid statue so the tree will not light up. 10" x 7". more info

Reindeer Container by California Creations

This is a hard to find collectable item. Comes in it's original shrink wrap with painting instruction. Very smooth, easy to paint. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". more info

Rover Lantern

You can place a light in this lantern. Very smooth lines, easy to paint. 9" x 5". more info