Christmas Statues, Trees, Jars

Snowman Family

This snowman family is standing in front of a light up Christmas tree. A clip cord with 1 clear light bulb will light up all the little color plastic bulbs you put into the predrilled holes. These lights are sold separately under Supplies on our Onli more info

Snowman Lantern

A hard to find collectable. Very detailed smooth lines. 9" x 5". more info

Snowman with Heart

Hard to find collectable by California Creations in it's original shrink wrap. The snow couple is holding a heart you can write messages on, or personalize it. Comes with painting instruction. 9”x6”. more info

Snowmans Tealight Tree with Mirror

Hard to find California Creations Original. Smooth lines, easy to paint, looks great with white iridescent glitter over the snow. Mirror reflects candle light. 9” x 8”. This is a hard to find collectible by California Creations. more info

Teddy Bear lamp Post with Light up Christmas Tree

The tree takes little plastic bulbs and lights up from the inside with 1 clear bulb. Clip cord and plastic bulbs are available separate from our Online Store. The lamp post lights up also. Very smooth lines, easy to paint. 10" x 8". This is a hard to more info

Traditional Tree and Lamp Post 95906

Shrink wrapped California Creations original. Very detailed. It has holes for the bulbs. Plastic bulbs are included. Glue in bulbs after painting and spraying the tree. Do not spray the bulbs. 1 clip cord with a clear candelabra light bulb will light more info

Two reindeers

The two reindeers are from Florentine Art studio, an older piece that needs a little cleaning and sanding. Wet the piece first , than it’s really easy. Just an adorable little Christmas item. more info