Christmas Houses Plaster Craft

Alpine Christmas House Bakery

These houses are difficult to pack and require a little longer shipping time especially during the Christmas Holidays. At times they may be in short... more info

Alpine Christmas House Gift Shop

Very detailed Alpine houses. Add your own no fire snow. Hollow inside. Just drill the windows as many as you like. It's easy. 7 1/2" x 6". more info

Christmas Igloo

Very cute item. There is an Eskimo sled in the back. You can use white glitter on the snow. First paint it white, than use white glue and sprinkle... more info

Christmas Log House with Beaver

Little beavers and Christmas animals are available to go with this under Village Accessories.9" x 6 1/2". more info

Clip on Light Cord with Switch and Bulb for houses

This is a $6.95 value. High quality heavy duty SPT2 cord. Takes 4 Watt to 75 Watt bulb. 55” long cord. On and off switch. UL approved. White cord... more info

Clip on Light cord with switch closeout

These cords are in perfect working condition. They are yellowed and sold at a discounted price. SPT1. UL approved. Metal clips on sockets. Fits... more info