Music Box Accessories

Mini Windup Music Box Key 7/8"

This key is for the mini windup music box. The hole in this music box is in the corner. The center wind mini music box require different type of key. Total length installed 1". more info

Ornament Hanger for Standard Windup Music Boxes

Just screw it on the music box and use it as the winding key. It will turn with the ornament hanging on it while playing music. 8" x 5". more info

Self stick adhesive pads for windup music boxes pkg of 3

Just peel off the plastic and these self stick adhesive pads will stick the music box to the base. 3 in the package. 2” x 1 ½”. more info

Send in the Clowns Mirrored Windup Music Box

Hi quality mirrored base with a built in clear resonant sounding wind up music box playing Send In The Clowns. Winds from the bottom. Figurines can be glued onto the top of mirror. 4 ¼” x 2 ½”. more info

Side Turntable for White Windup Music Boxes

This turntable can be used as a regular turntable on the side of the music box. It will also easily turn the music box into a Mobil music box. There are 3 holes on the turntable to hang small items from. It will fit the side hole of Sankyo white musi more info

Standard Music Box Child Proof Safety Key 1/2"

Once installed this key can not be removed.( do not try or you will break the movement ) Bright nickel finish. ½” more info

Standard Music Box Key or Turntable Extender Long

Precision cut metal to fit regular 2 3/8” x 2” size windup music boxes. 1 ½” long. Gold. more info

Turntable for Mini Windup Music Box 1"

Glue the music box to the inside of a base with a hole where the music box key hole is. Screw on the turntable and glue a figurine on top of it. Turning the figurine will wind the music box and the figurine will turn around as the music box keeps on more info